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The setting of the sun;

Do you know what’s the best about waking up every morning? 

Is that someone is waiting for you to tell you how much of a lucky person s/he is knowing you’re his/her reason of waking up in the morning as well.

I’ve been trying not to be lonely but i guess i preferred to be alone more than having those people who only thinks about themselves.

It gets better, i promise.




Beautiful Graphic Art Made With Rolls of Packing Tape by Mark Khaisman


Nothing is more frustrating than having to argue with a person that is so dense and blind enough to not see how everything is simple to understand.

2nd Trip to Roxas Beach


couldn’t live without;

couldn’t live without;

Book; a written or printed work consisting of pages glued or sewn together along one side and bound in covers. 

Our life is a book, a day is a page, and we write our own destiny. Imagine a single book represents one person, his life, recorded and being read throughout its existence. 

Make the story of your life worth telling for. Enjoy life just the way you enjoy reading someone else’s.

Roxas Beach’s Sunset 2013

Everywhere I go, I usually tend to take photos either with my Nikon cam or just my phone. And this is, so far, the most breathtaking picture of a sunset I took a picture of. This is when I started to admire sunsets. It was taken last year, forgot the date but it is kept in my ig account for throwback measures {x} Its amazing how this still takes my breathe away until now. 

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